Let’s keep up with the score.

It all started out on a round of golf. One of the most traditional, reluctant, etiquette-driven yet beautiful sports around. Up until today a scorecard in golf is commonly to be filled in and signed with graphite on paper. Classic.

The ball
kept rolling.

Based on his compassion with innovation and an extensive background in telecommunications the founder of digo decided to create a breakthrough in outdated processes. It’s unthinkable that a sport is able to captivate new generations without speaking the proper language of potential entrants!




Development golfapp


Idea digital handshake




Development Digitures


Digitures becomes...

The dedicated team behind digo.

Hans van de Wiel

Our founder

Founder of the idea. Wide international commercial experience in telecommunications and business. Passionate about golf and innovation.

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Edwin Kailuhu

Our mastermind

IT mastermind with a bachelor degree in Computer Science. Background in biomedical engineering.
Plays the acoustic guitar like a legend.

Sybren Ewijk

Our partner

Partnership is his middle name. Involved in several large business mergers all over the globe. Supports footballclub NAC Breda against all knowledge.